Exploring Ideas put forward by American anthropologist Paul Stoller in the book “Sensuous Scholarship” I’m opening a discourse for understanding the importance of “sensuous epistemologies” of non-western societies and how they been affected by western epistemologies with regards to the human experience. As a Congolese/South African descendant I see the lack of space of political production in the in the cities of South Africa and from my understanding, colonialism as well as urbanisation plays a crucial role of this consequence.South Africa’s contemporary culture is one that is western in its urban fabric yet have retained much of its core cultural practices in the rural fabric (furthermore those in the urban go to the rural to practice their culture).  Influence is unavoidable and many customs and have evolved over the years in many cultures but seem to have no place in urban spaces. By interpolating symbols/rites of passage in ones life in urban spaces is intended to illustrate this conflict.

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